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First week at Hebrew School 9/14-16/2014

We are proud to announce that Hebrew School Registration for the scholastic year of 2018-2019 is now open!
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Nov. 14, 2018
In today’s age of constant broadcasting via social media, the borders of privacy have grown blurry. In a world where all is bared and none is barred, it is difficult to strike the right balance. ...
Dec. 12, 2018
In today’s society, it is natural to be concerned about the rights of a consumer and less in vogue to worry about the interests of the vendor. In reality, however, good and evil is done by all ...
Jan. 09, 2019
All men are not created equal—monetarily, that is. One of the ways we narrow the divide is through charity, a quintessential Jewish value. It is well established that Jews give to charitable ...
Feb. 06, 2019
Our parents provide us with life as well as a model for human relations. Thus, the Torah demands that we shower our parents with honor and respect. Living in the “sandwich generation,” which ...
Wishing all our students a happy & healthy summer!