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Inspiring Jewish Pride and Identity and Jewish children - the future of Judaism.
Imagine a Hebrew School where kids don't want to miss a day. They come in with a smile and leave humming a Hebrew song. Walking through the halls, you can hear the sounds of lively discussion, of singing, laughter and prayer. Imagine a child who feels the warmth and spirit of Judaism. Imagine the pride of his/her parents.
Welcome to Chabad Hebrew School, an exciting and innovative educational program in Sherman Oaks. Our School enjoys a well-earned reputation as a trend setter in creative Jewish education for children in Kindergarten through grade 7. Chabad Hebrew School has exciting new programs, a dynamic staff and interested students. Our student body is made up of children from various backgrounds and affiliations. Synagogue membership is not required.
Mission Statement
The mission of Chabad Hebrew School is to provide and promote the highest quality Judaic education to a diverse community of Jewish children.
Our aim is to nurture and build the foundation of your child(ren)'s Jewish identity through our interdisciplinary educational approach. The focus of our dedicated teachers is to inspire a two fold love.  A love for learning and and a love for Judaism while fostering a feeling of familiarity within their heritage for each individual child.
A well-balanced Hebrew School education will develop in our students a commitment to using Torah values as a guide to the decisions of life, community, and life-long learning and teaching.
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At Chabad Hebrew School the traditions of Judaism come alive.  We believe that a child’s Jewish education must be creative, memorable, and fun. You can be confident that our dynamic programs will educate, stimulate, and excite your child.
We are proud to announce that Hebrew School Registration for the scholastic year of 2019-2020 is now open!
Upcoming events
Dec. 18, 2019
Your Unconditional Potential.
Unconditional love. Acceptance of all people. How can we rise to the challenge, and see neither failure nor weakness, but the internal core of perfection in ...
Dec. 22, 2019
Featuring: • Slime Menorah! • Slime Dreidel Making • Live Music & Dancing • Chanukah play & create • Kosher Latkes & Doughnuts • Ballon Making / Face Painting • Picture With Judah the ...
Dec. 28, 2019
The Menorah Lighting will take place in Fountain Plaza in front of The Cheese Factory. Bring the whole family and enjoy the free fun and festivities!
Jan. 22, 2020
Imagine if past regretful choices could be used as a springboard to greater places! Learn how to reframe your views of personal negative history and empower yourself to thrive—not despite, ...
Wishing all our students a happy & healthy summer!